Pilgrim Fathers Tour 2021

The Pilgrim Fathers Tour was to take place in September 2020. However, we have postponed it until 11th to 19th September 2021.

Which means... there's till time to book!

If you are interested in the tour please take a look at the information below. Updated prices and details will be added here very soon.

For additional information at this time please contact Jane Moxon via email janem@cmj.org.uk or 07878 184182.

This tour in September 2020 celebrates the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and the landing in the New World at what was to become Plymouth in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Pilgrim Fathers and CMJ came about as a direct result of the translation of the Bible into English.  We will explore this theme as we travel and hear about the Pilgrim Fathers.  We visit the villages they came from in North Nottinghamshire and consider what influenced them.  We move on to see where they made their first attempt to leave the UK.

In Cambridge we have a walking tour to see the colleges the Pilgrim Fathers attended, discuss the rise of Puritanism and hear about a great Christian Theologian, Charles Simeon, vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge and CMJ Vice President and then president for 50 years.  After a formal dinner together we stay overnight at Christ’s College.

Pilgrim Fathers Tour - CMJ UK 2020

We visit the home of CMJ’s Lewis Way at Stansted House on the Sussex/ Hampshire border before we travel to Plymouth to celebrate the day the Pilgrim Fathers finally left England, 400 years ago next year.

Travelling to London we visit the docks where the Mayflower was built and some years later dismantled. We tour London to see where CMJ started, Jewish people settled and where the Clapham Sect lived. We discuss who they were and their influence for CMJ on Parliament and even float past the Houses of Parliament by boat!

The dates to keep free are 12th to 20th September 2020 with the option of extending the tour to 24th September to share in a Kesher Course (“Kesher” is a Hebrew word that means “Connection” and the Kesher Course teaches the connection between Biblical Judaism and the Christian faith.  The connection is real and vibrant and brings Jesus and His teaching into a new focus.)  This fabulous course comes highly recommended.

Please share the details with others, from the UK, USA & worldwide, who you think might be interested.

For additional information please contact Jane Moxon via email janem@cmj.org.uk or 07878 184182.

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