Volunteer in Israel

Find out how you can volunteer with CMJ in the land of Israel.

Being part of the worldwide ministry of CMJ, we are also able to offer volunteering opportunities in the Land of Israel at one of our CMJ Guest Houses in Tel Aviv, Galilee and Jerusalem.

CMJ Israel Connect Booklet

We have three centres in Israel which accept volunteers on a regular basis – anyone from 18 years to 80 years, as long as they are able-bodied and prepared to work hard for the ministry. This is a wonderful and potentially life-changing opportunity for you to live in the Land and experience first-hand the Bible coming to life in the place where it was first written!

Unlike some organisations, we do not charge for this opportunity – although the Ministry of the Interior in Israel now requires quite a detailed application. The financial commitment includes the cost of the air fare to Israel and home again – air fares are usually less than £400 return. Once in Israel, your board and lodging will be covered – you just need to have enough spending money available – to take trips out on your days off and to buy basics such as toothpaste and shampoo.

For more information and for the application form, click here.

Photo of Israeli flags. Would you like to volunteer in Israel?

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