The Board of Trustees

CMJ UK is lead by a Board of Trustees made up of people from across the UK who share a heart to bring the good news of Messiah to the Jewish People.

The Trustees
Photo of Wendy Scott
Wendy Scott
Wendy is a trainer/consultant running her own company in the Midlands and has been involved with CMJ since 1986, first serving as a Trustee in the mid-90s and again since 2012. Her prayer is to see the work of CMJ UK grow and develop, continuing to fulfil the calling since 1809, to be a witness to the Jewish Messiah.
Photo of Rufus Barnes
Rufus Barnes
Vice Chair
Rufus Barnes attended Bible School in Jerusalem in 1992-3 during which time he came into contact with CMJ through Christ Church. He has served as a Trustee of CMJ UK at various times since and, after a 4 year break, was re-elected in 2019. He is now Vice-Chair. He has also served as Vice-Chair on the Board of CMJ Israel.
Photo of Rev Canon Phil Harris
Rev Canon Phil Harris
Phil is an Episcopal Priest serving as Canon to the Presiding Bishop of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) for the UK. Phil also serves on the Leadership Commission of the Order of St Leonard as Canon for Formation and Training. For many years Phil was bivocational where he chaired an International business and has a passion for Israel
Photo of Rosa Blandford
Rosa Blandford
Board Member
Rosa has a BA Hons in Applied Theology and has served with CWI and the local Council of Christians and Jews. She led a Shoresh tour to Israel and is a CMJ Rep, speaking in 50 churches a year. She has attended many LCJE Conferences, and founded and co-wrote Bible studies for a Jewish/Gentile group.
Photo of Liz Woods
Liz Woods
Board Member
Having taught for 11 years in London, I went to Israel for 5 months as a volunteer at the Garden Tomb in 1992 and stayed for 21 years! During that time I had responsibility for its reception & shop, group bookings and staff scheduling. I returned to the UK in 2013 and became a CMJ UK trustee in 2014.
Photo of Alison Marchant
Alison Marchant
Board Member
Alison, a retired Social Worker, has been closely involved with Israel for over 40 years. She volunteered and worked in Jerusalem for 9 years, setting up various aid projects while worshipping, and later worked at Christ Church, in both the Guest House and Church; setting up the Christ Church Mercy Fund, among other projects. Returning to the UK to care for her mother she became a trustee of CMJ in 1994 and has continued with a short break since then. She organised the Annual Conference twice and oversaw the move from St Albans to Eagle Lodge. She has led Shoresh tours to Israel and helped with a couple to Eastern Europe, and regularly visits friends and colleagues in Israel. She teaches on the Biblical Festivals and Covenants, and works to encourage interest and prayer for what God is doing. She is also a Lay Reader in her church.
Photo of Joy Sims
Joy Sims
Board Member
Photo of Ralph Goldenberg
Ralph Goldenberg
Board Member
Photo of Rev Cameron Collington
Rev Cameron Collington
Board Member
Photo of Robin Aldridge
Robin Aldridge
Israel Board Representative


A photograph of our Trustees at the CMJ UK Annual Conference 2019.

Presidents and Patrons



  • President: Rev Ray Lockhart 
  • Vice Presidents: Bishop Henry Scriven, Canon Andrew White, Martin Goldsmith
  • Patron: Bishop David Evan