Church of England Synod 2020

Synod 2020

The synod has just began and most of the delegates have arrived. The synod is perhaps best understood as the Church of England parliament. Over the next few days lots of debate and decision making will take place. The synod is made up of 540 delegates (as mixture of lay and clergy) plus 42 bishops from each UK diocese. CMJ is part of the display area and we are trying to promote the ministry of CMJ among the range of delegates and other visitors. The CMJ team is Paul and Janey Hames, Alex Jacob and CMJ president Ray Lockhart.

The CMJ display table looks great and we have lots of free literature and key CMJ books for sale. If you are at the synod please come and say hello (we are in the abbey room on the ground floor). The synod ends at Thursday lunchtime.

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