Study Jewish history in Poland

Antisemitism is spiking around the world. Antisemitic incidents continue to increase in the UK. It is imperative that Christians speak up on behalf of our Jewish neighbors. Education is the first step in preparing to speak out.

Join David Pileggi in Poland as he looks at how hatred drove the Nazis to murder six million Jewish people, including followers of Jesus. He will also look at how Jews arrived in Poland and flourished there for 1,000 years. You will visit medieval cities, castles and churches to better understand the historical context of the Polish Jewish experience. David will also touch on the Hebrew Christian communities that existed before World War II.  

David Pileggi tour to Poland

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When: August 6th - 17th 2022
Where: Warsaw to Cracow.  
How much: €1,749 (euros) per person*. Must be paid in euros.

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*Single supplement extra. 

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