Different from taking a gap year, an Internship offers you work experience in an area of ministry or employment you may be interested in pursuing.

At CMJ, we are committed to developing the next generation and inspiring them for the future ministry of CMJ. We are in the process of creating an Internship programme, which would tie in Biblically-based teaching, as well as the potential to experience ministry in the UK and in Israel with our team, covering a variety of the work we are involved in. 

Previously we have had interns from Britain’s Theological Colleges, who had the opportunity to join Rev Alex Jacob in some of the speaking engagements he is invited to; they also joined the outreach team at some of the events we exhibit at, and had the chance to be part of a trip to Israel. 

If this is something you are interested in, please drop us an email to discuss further.

Photo of young people at Conference. Would you like to intern with CMJ UK?

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