San Remo 100

Why is there a meeting to celebrate the centenary of the San Remo Conference…and by the way where is it?

From the organisers of the event:

Most people have heard of the Balfour DeclarationIn 2017 we gathered in huge numbers to celebrate Balfour 100 in the Royal Albert Hall in London but without San Remo, the Balfour Declaration could be viewed as simply a letter of intent.

A question often discussed is, ‘Does Israel have a legal right to exist?’

On 25th April 1920 at Villa Devachan in San Remo a resolution was made.   Come and find what it was and who made it.

Join us on Saturday 18th April 12.30pm at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster when we are commemorating the 100th anniversary of San Remo.

See the flyer for details of how to get your ticket and bring your friends.

Download Flyer

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